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Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha (film)

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Title: Memoirs of a Geisha

Author: Arthur Golden

I will admit that I had no clue what a geisha even was until I read this book. I read this around the time the movie version was released. Even better was that I found this at the library book sale. You can’t go wrong buying the book by the inch instead of cover price. Personal victory.

For a complete work of fiction the story is as real as the country it takes place in. The lies and deceit of those who are greedy and prey on the innocence and less fortunate. The tearing apart of a family and the lengths a girl will go to find real love.

This book was worth the read and the movie was worth the viewing. đŸ™‚


Title: Sarah’s Key

Cover of "Sarah's Key"

Cover of Sarah's KeyTitle: Sarah's Key

Author: Tatiana de Rosnay


Sarah’s Key is one of the best historical fiction novels I have read where the story takes place in present day but tells the story of a Jewish girl during the French roundup. This novel would be the perfect addition to any avid reader’s book shelf. Full of secrets, lies and a family’s burden Sarah’s Key is sure to leave the reader turning page after page to find out what happens next. I sure was.  The movie looks like it is true to the novel which makes me very happy. Check out the trailer below and feel free to leave a comment!


The Kommandant’s Girl

Cover of "Kommandant's Girl (MIRA)"

Cover of Kommandant's Girl (MIRA)

Book title: The Kommandant’s Girl

Author: Pam Jenoff

This book was given to me when I participated in a secret sister exchange. It has been one of the best gifts I ever received. I love historical fiction especially when it takes place during WWII.

Even though this particular story is fiction it makes me wonder how many people actually were able to lead a double life in the resistance movements to help end the war faster. Emma, the main character, didn’t seem that smart to me at first but she was also only 19. Throughout the book she grows and makes decisions that only seem to complicate her life more. The odds of getting caught were always high and Emma had to be a smooth talker and show no signs of a guilty conscience to survive.

It raises the question of how far would you be willing to go save your family and yourself?